Agents of the State Attack American People

A friend told me that my prior post about the USG lying the American people into war was not relevant to events of domestic terrorism. He felt that while the USG might lie the American people into war, they wouldn't lie about domestic terrorism.   I thought that was an odd kind of parsing of events.  Still, there are so many incidences of attacks on US citizens on US soil for domestic matters that I thought a few of those were worthy of review, especially in light of the headline in the local paper yesterday declaring "Night Club Shooter Lone Wolf Extremist."  That didn't take long.

Let's look back at a few of the slaughters that the USG or the local gendarme have perpetrated on American soil over the years.  We ought to start with the largest massacre that occurred, which was the slaughter of some 150-300 men, women and children at Wounded Knee on December 29, 1890.  That followed the slaughter of roughly 70-163 American Indian men, women and children at Sand Creek on November 29, 1864.

Moving into the 20th Century, we can catalog the following attacks upon American people by their own government:

1.  On April 27, 1962, the LAPD raided Mosque #27 in Los Angeles, CA wounding four people and killing 3 members of the Black Muslims. This was an event that served to further radicalize Malcolm X. The Muslims were unwilling to cooperate with the investigating authorities and no police officers were indicted in connection with raid on the Mosque. 

2.  On May 13, 1985, police authorities in Philadelphia, PA dropped a C4/Tovex bomb on a home in a black community while attempting to arrest certain members of the MOVE community, killing 11 people, including 5 children and destroying 65 homes (some reports say only 61). While damages were paid to some of the survivors, no officers were indicted following the bombing of this community. 

3. On August 21, 1992, federal agents surrounded the home of separatist Randy Weaver on Ruby Ridge in the Idaho mountains.  Mr. Weaver was wanted after failing to appear for a hearing for which he had not received notice.  That he had not been notified of the hearing was known by the FBI and the agents pursuing him. Nonetheless, FBI agents laid siege to his home, shot his son in the back killing him and later shot and killed his wife as she stood in the doorway of their home with their infant daughter in her arms calling him to safety.  Mr. Weaver was "compensated" for the loss of his family with money damages.  No agents were indicated as a result of the murders of his family.  

4. Following a 51 day siege that commenced on February 28, 1993, Federal agents fired incendiary devices into a compound in Waco, Texas in order to dislodge David Koresh, founder of the Branch Davidian cult. The resulting fire killed 76 people, mostly women and children. Prior to the siege commencing, David Koresh routinely went into Waco and, presumably, could have been arrested there or on his way to and from there at any time leading up to the siege. The federal investigator claimed that the federal agents were not to blame and that the Branch Davidians burned their own compound. That later turned out not to be true. Years after the investigation concluded it became apparent that the fire was started by the incendiary devices used by the FBI. No agents were indicted as a result of the killings in Waco.

Even after it was established as fact that federal agents started the fire, many writers are loathe to lay blame squarely on the federal officials burning women and children alive and continue to refer to critics of the federal agents as "wing nuts."  See, for example the article first linked to in this paragraph 4.

5. More recently, May 17, 2015, there was a second incident in Waco, Texas involving motorcycle clubs/gangs (depends on your perspective, I guess) and the Waco police department that resulted in 9 men killed, 20 wounded and 177 in jail. Many of those jailed had no prior arrests or convictions and 3 men who had arrived following the end of the gun fight were arrested. Many have now brought a suit for damages arising from their arrests.

Not surprisingly, the facts aren't all known yet and likely will never be all known, but there is a long article in the September 2015 GQ providing a lot of information not widely seen in the mainstream media.  According to that article "Some of the bikers believe ...that a firefight of some kind was supposed to happen--that it was all part of a plan by the Waco P.D. to drive bitter rivals into a public brawl that could be violently crushed and then used as a basis for sweeping RICO indictments." If you are interested in learning more about this, I commend that article to your reading. 

For those of you who are inclined to think that I am making too much of isolated events that are years apart, I would suggest to you that you are not following the momentum of the police actions against American citizens.  Following the revelations of local police being supplied with "surplus military equipment," Senator Claire Mcaskill found that as much 40% of the equipment couldn't be characterized as surplus because it was brand new.  What are local police doing with all that military equipment? Let's look and see.

1. On June 8, 2016, the Greenwood, CO police department destroyed the home of John Lech, a citizen of Colorado after a shoplifter unrelated to him hid out in his house.

2. Here in Atlanta, police use armored vehicles for patrol.

3. In Wisconsin, 24 armed officers arrived in an armored vehicle to collect $80,000 of fines incurred by a man with a messy yard.

4. In Renton, WA the police mistakenly destroyed a woman's home and refused to pay damages.

5. According to a 2015 Mother Jones article, fully 1/4 of the requests for armored vehicles made by local police departments were to use the same to combat drug distribution.  This at a time when the majority of Americans would prefer to end the war on drugs. Further, according to the own report, one of six departments (that's 20%) were prepared to "use the vehicles to serve search or arrest warrants on individuals who had yet to be convicted of a crime."

6. I should not end without mentioning the use of anti-terrorism tactics in local law enforcement, specifically the use of the PIT technique to stop moving vehicles, which, much to my chagrin, seems to be widely used here in Georgia. I didn't know one thing about it until today.  PIT involves the chase vehicle touching the evading vehicle causing it to spin out and stop.  It's quite dangerous and has resulted in many deaths.  Just how many is not known, since no police department keeps track of its use of the technique or the number of deaths caused or whether the person is a passenger in the fleeing vehicle or the driver or the nature of the offense of the driver.  In the Georgia case discussed at the link where a passenger died after law enforcement used the PIT, the driver was charged with driving without a license.  He also had several minor prior convictions.

Oh, and if you think that the cosmetic dressing that Obama smeared about following the riots in Ferguson, MO changed anything significantly, then you ought to check out the things that local police still own, which includes, mine resistant vehicles, bayonets and armored trucks and much, much more.  

The USG is willing to use military weapons to intimidate and slaughter American people.  It has proven its willingness to do so time and again. That's why it's call for Americans to disarm themselves ring so hollow with so many. Me?  My thought is that most Americans do not have the stomach for brutality that seems to infect the USG and its agents.  Therefore, I doubt that any amount of weaponary in the hands of American citizens would be sufficient to hold them off. 

As Americans become conscious of the true nature of the USG and no longer look to it as a savior, we will step into our own authority. Then the right actions necessary to assume our stance as free people will become clear to us.  On that vague, but hopeful note, I shall close for the day. 



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