Been Away So Long

I had an unexpected break that involved dealing with my health, working, going on a spiritual retreat, moving to a new residence, taking a course on building an e-business, etc.  In short, I have had a lot going on which didn't involve keeping up here, but I am now back and ready to re-commit to spreading the important work done by Hoppe.  I may intersperse that with some reflections on my developing perspective from the spiritual work.

Recently I have had a conversation with a state employee. The employee I knew was tangentially involved with citizens being persecuted for the crime of importing flea collars and selling them to Costco at a discount.  When I told my friend it struck me as odd that importing a legal product to sell to another business was illegal, she replied that the perpetrators were "only doing it to make money."  The raison d'etre of every business in the world.  

Walter Williams has pointed out that things being legal doesn't make them right --apartheid, slavery and rounding up the Jews in Europe were all legal.  The corollary is that things being illegal doesn't make them wrong.  We need to get really conscious of that idea.  People need to awaken to the wrongs that they do while supporting the prosecution of legal acts. 

I saw no opening for saying to my friend, "these people's lives are being destroyed.  They may end up in prison.  At best, they will pay a hefty fine to the Federal government and an outrageous amount of attorney's fees.  To what end.  What good will be served and what evil averted by this?"  But I didn't say any of that.  What do you say when you see your friends and family engaged in a process that is evil?  

I know how loaded that word is and I do not use it, but that is the right word--the right idea.  Will I say that next time? Will you?  Is there a better word? By better, I mean one that is more likely to be heard, to resonate, to awaken the speaker to the true nature of the act he is engaged with.

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