Coercive Engineered Migration

Recently an acquaintance of mine posted this youtube video from political author, Gearoid O. Colmain. In the video, Colmain is referring to the conditions in Paris following a series of coordinated terrorist acts which happened on November 13, 2015. On that date, gunmen and suicide bombers hit a concert hall, a major stadium, restaurants and bars, almost simultaneously - and left 130 people dead and hundreds wounded.

When I first listened to the video, I thought Colmain was referring to the conditions in Paris following the murder of some 84 people on Bastille Day, Thursday, July 14, 2016, by Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a 31 year old Tunisian citizen living in Paris. When I listened to the video again, I realized Colmain was actually speaking of the French response to the November 13, 2015 attacks--which shows one how contrived the responses are to these events.  The manner of carrying out the murders varies, but the response of the state is the same--a call for more violence against people living far from France, a call for French citizens to give up more of their rights, especially their right to speak freely about the terrorist events, and calls to continue mass migration into France.

I think understanding the French situation is instructive since the USG engages in very much the same responses to the American people as the French government does to French citizens following the mass death of civilians.  Likely the French government is acting at the direction of the USG. As Colmain notes, France has no foreign policy. France (and Germany) take direction from the USG.

In any case, Colmain says some things that are worthy of note and which certainly have come to pass, including:

  • "There is no war on terror. There is a war being waged using terrorist proxy groups." Those proxy groups are being used to wage war against nation states who are opposing the USG and Israel;
  • Terrorist groups are trained by the US intelligence agencies;
  • The French government is now (in November 2015) attempting to drum up support for more military intervention in Syria. Those attacks promptly followed. The response to the Bastille Day attack was exactly as the speaker stated--an increased bombing of Syria, which included massive Syrian civilian casualties
  • The influx of new refugees will continue and will destabilize central Europe;
  • There are no moderate rebels in Syria. There are only terrorists (many of whom have been trained and armed by the USG and NATO) who have been beheading people (recently a a 10 year old child was beheaded);
  • The French government is allowing the most extreme Muslims to immigrate to and expand their influence in Europe, a process he calls the "Wahabisising" of the youth. This will create massive social unrest and lead to martial law.

At minute 6, Colmain calls the current migration crisis "coercive engineered migration." This was a new phrase for me. The phrase was coined by Kelly M. Greenhill, in her 2010 book, Weapons of Mass Migration. Greenhill posits that mass migration is a tool the USG uses to overwhelm another nation's ability to deal with the influx of refugees. As Europe becomes increasingly overwhelmed, the power of NATO, the USG, and the CIA are enhanced.

But how do the events in France relate to the conditions in America? If it is the USG that is instigating these events, how does that affect Americans? Is this done for the benefit of Americans? Colmain is clear that the actions taken by the USG are not for the benefit of American citizens. He begins at minute 1 by saying that the war on civilians in France is orchestrated from abroad. The attacks on Syria are likewise orchestrated from abroad. The party instigating those wars are the USG and Israel. People need to understand that there is a war that is becoming global that is being waged against civilian populations. The war on the civilian populations is a form of neo-imperialism and neocolonialism that aims to divide and conquer in order to make the people of Europe submit to a global order that does not serve the interest of the majority of people on the planet but does serve the interest of a very small and tyrannical ruling elite. 

Now let us look at what is happening in America. Americans have also been subjected to an increasing series of terrorist acts. Many of those acts have been perpetrated by Muslims. (I recognize that the preceding sentence would be subject to much debate. Some commentators have even suggested even the Boston Marathon bombing should not be properly classed as a terrorist act. But I am not writing for the purpose of proving the bad nature of Muslims. I am writing for the purpose of exploring the USG's use of mass murder of civilians for its own purposes).

The USG's response to incidents of mass civilian murder of Americans by Muslims have included:

How does the USG use coercive engineered migration in American?  According to Greenhill, coercive engineered migration can also be used to exploit the conflict between competing political interest groups.  As I discussed earlier at this post, this is the manner in which the USG uses migration against Americans. By using the tool in this manner, the USG creates internal conflicts between groups thus achieving two ends. First, it masks that it is the instigator of the conflict between civilians. Secondly, it garners new authority to "settle" conflicts and to punish the guilty citizens.  My point is that the American people are no safer from the actions of a very small and tyrannical ruling elite acting through the USG, NATO, the CIA, etc, than European citizens are.  

As noted in an earlier post, the USG has murdered American citizens for its own purposes in the past.  There is every reason to think that agents in that entity are willing to do so today. I watch in disbelief as my Facebook feed fills with images of people chasing Pokemon and laughing at Melania Trump.  I can see that the bread and circuses serve effectively to lull many of my fellow citizens into a quiet slumber.  The more informed of them swallow in one gulp the narrative that one only objects to mass migration if one is a racist. They too have nothing to say about the mass murder of civilians conducted by the USG, likely because it is their man in the White House.  Dang. I hate that. 


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