What do Elaine Bennis and The NY Times have in common?

Fake Fake Fake


Recently Facebook has provided us with a list of fake news media outlets.  Having read it, I can only suggest that the list is incomplete. I would like to note that the following fake stories were widely distributed in major media outlets and yet these outlets, even when repeatedly publishing fake stories, seem to have been missed by Facebook's helpful list. Let's recall ten famous stories that were circulated by the mainstream media that later turned out to be fake.

1. The heroic death of American football star, Pat Tillman as reported in The NY Times Former N.F.L. Player Killed in Afghanistan.  He was killed by friendly fire. There is some speculation he was intentionally killed because he was going to report his fellow soldiers for drug trafficking. 

2. The heroic fight of  Pvt. Jessica Lynch as reported in The NY Times as Saving Private Lynch. Apparently, she was unable to fire her weapon.

3. The Duke Lacrosse team rape case as reported by Selena Roberts in The NY Times.

4. Iraq's possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction as reported by Judith Miller in The NY Times.

5. The story of Jimmy, the 9-year-old heroin addict, as reported by Janet Cooke in the Washington Post.

6. Anything by Jayson Blair published in the NY Times.

7. A Rape On Campus, Jackie's story, as published by Rolling Stone magazine.

8. The widely reported Serbian genocide of Bosnian Muslims, including an article in the Washington Post suggesting that more than 5000 Muslim men had been killed by the Serbs. This article, together with other similar ones,  triggered a US bombing campaign killing thousands. The UN Court dismissed the claims that a genocide occurred prior to the bombing.

9. The widespread publication of the Congressional testimony of 15-year old Nayirah regarding the Iraqi troops dumping Kuwaiti babies from incubators onto the floor. Turns out that Nayirah was Nayirah al-Sabah, daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US, who wasn't even in Kuwait at the time of the invasion.  

10. Gaddafi's soldiers being supplied with viagra and ordered to engage in mass rape as reported in the Daily Mail. Susan Rice made this claim, but it was never substantiated. 

I would defy anyone to produce a list showing a single US/European media outlet tied to a greater number of utterly fake news stories than The NY Times. Who can forget The NY Times accepting the Pentagon version of the events in the Gulf of Tonkin, which led to the disastrous expansion of the War in Vietnam? Even without referring to the fabled Pulitzer Prize-winning Walter Duranty, a liar who managed to ignore the mass slaughter of the people of Russia by Stalin,  I still think The NY Times can fairly be credited with inciting or covering up more mass murders than any media outlet anywhere in the world. When Duranty is included in the mix, there can be no doubt which media outlet has published the biggest fake news over the last 100 years.

Remember the words of Elaine Bennis about her orgasms, "fake, fake, fake, fake". You have been warned. 


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