The Story of Julia-a vision of the good life [3rd of 4]

Remember in 2012, when the Life of Julia premiered. People laughed at this vision of "the good"-an orphan, going to a failing school, got a Pell grant and ended up as a single mother adrift in a world without churches, friends, family or community, completely dependent upon the State.  We laughed at Bill Bennett, with his personal failings and gambling addiction, for pointing out how adrift Julia is with no relationships in her life but for the one she has with the State.   

The State officials weren't just buying votes with that particular fairy tale. The State actually does hold this as a positive vision for American families. The Departments of HHS and Education have announced they want to "partner" with parents in the raising of their children. Parents, at least if they do not depart too far from the agenda of the State, will be allowed to live with their children. Undoubtedly, if they resist medicating themselves or their children, vaccinating on the required schedule, educating in the appropariate manner, or being appropriately grateful for the guidance provided to them, this privilege can be revoked by the State. 

The vision of State suffocating involvement in family life is made more disturbing when we see the young person today struggling with Halloween costumes, or whether saying bless you would constitute a microagression.  These young people have no ability to resolve conflicts among themselves.  They turn to the authorities to make laws and rules and to impose sanctions on the non-compliant.  They do not stop with demands for re-education and firings of administrators.  They call for complete career and personal destruction--by other authorities of course--of the lives of those who disagree with them. This is what they have been trained for in their State schools and now the State wants to be even more closely involved in family life.

It's easy to laugh about the people in The Crematorium, about their ignorance or small mindedness, but in the end they were able to resolve their differences without gunshots, without retribution and without involving State officials.  Now people can't even resolve a dispute over Halloween costumes.  This is the learned helplessness that the State fosters in the minions who reside in its confines.

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