Are Americans Even Curious About the Orlando Shooter?

It doesn't seem that Americans are very interested in getting to know more about the killer in Orlando.  That would be OK, but apparently the FBI is not very curious either.  

On June 12, 2016 Omar Mateen, 29 years old shot and killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.  This occurred only 12 days ago and it seems that the press has already moved on.  Time to get to gun control.  Nothing to see at the crime scene. No further investigation needed.  

After all, the FBI must have finished their investigation at Mateen's home, which began on June 13 at 11:30 pm when the FBI came to apartment for the first time. When they left, on June 14, 2016, they left leaving windows and doors unlocked.  The doors were closed the agents said; however, the premises weren't secured and there was not even yellow crime scene tape at the apartment. By late morning, the media was walking in and out of the apartment. 

On June 17, 2016, a Jensen Beach, Florida gun store owner disclosed that his employees had refused to sell body armor and ammunition to Omar Mateen when he came to the store some 4-5 weeks prior to the shooting.  The store employees had been so concerned that they contacted the FBI, who said since the store did not have the date of birth, telephone number or other information they were unable to investigate further.  Isn't that what the FBI does?  Isn't that the very nature of their job, to uncover the identities of people? 

According to the FBI Director, the FBI became aware of Omar Mateen in May, 2013 following inflammatory and contradictory statements about his family's connection to terrorist organizations.  They then spent 10 months investigating him, introduced confidential sources with him and concluded they had no basis for continuing their investigation.

In July 14, 2015, again according the FBI Director, Omar Mateen's name surfaced again in connection with an investigation of an American suicide bomber who died in Syria who attended the same mosque as Mateen. Again, the FBI found no connection between the bomber and Mateen and that investigation was closed.

In any case, after these investigations were completed, Mateen's name was removed from the terrorist watch list and he became a licensed security guard with G4S Secure Solutions, who with no sense of irony, bills itself as "the leading US security company." G4S Secure Solutions provides security services across the globe.  It is the successor to Wackenhut, which was a security company founded in 1954 by former FBI agents.

Now, it is true that the FBI has wasted a lot of resources pursuing feckless potential terrorists.  Therefore it is possible that this one honestly slipped through as other leads were pursued; however, those of us with a more conspiratorial mind, might wonder if the FBI was dissuaded from its investigation due to concerns of the State Department, which had previously quashed investigations about the Institute of Islamic Education because they unfairly singled out Muslims. Or, perhaps the investigation ended due to the relationship that Omar Mateen's father, Saddique Mateen had with officials in the State Department and the CIA.

But before we get too far afield with Omar Mateen's family relations, let's look at him one more time. Who is Omar Mateen? An American citizen who changed his name in 2006 from Omar Mir Saddique to add the name Mateen.  It may be that Mateen had his own relationship with the FBI as an informant and a witness. It may be that Omar Mir Saddique Mateen was a key informant in a FBI sting terrorist investigation in Florida. As Cryptogon asks on June 12, 2016: "What are the odds that an FBI informant [identified as, David Mahmoud Saddiqui] in a Florida terrorist case shares the same last name as the perpetrator [Omar Mir Saddique Mateen] of the worst mass shooting in US history (sic) also in Florida, a lone wolf cop poser with multiple contacts with the FBI, who was formerly listed on the terrorist watch list and associated with a suicide bomber...while holding a valid security guard license."

For the record Saddiqui is the alternative spelling of Saddique and it is not a common Muslim/Afghan name.  What is the relationship between the FBI's witness and the killer?  It's a least a question worth asking I would think.

A related question is, why were the police who were already in the Pulse Club moments after the shooting, told to wait for the arrival of the SWAT team? Previously we have been told that police are to rush active shooters, confront them and kill them as soon as possible.  Why were the Orlando officers who were already inside the club and who had already exchanged gunfire with the killer told to wait for the SWAT team?

But now let us return to the father, Mir Saddique Mateen and his relationship with the State Department and the CIA.  As noted above, the funding for his US based broadcasts over Payam-e-Afghan, broadcasting in Canada, Mexico, the USA and Europe,  was provided by Voice of America- Daria.  I do not know whether the senior Mr. Mateen is a CIA operative as the article just linked to alleges; however, it is clear that the senior Mr. Mateen had a multi-years long relationship with officials in both the State Department and in the UK Ministry of Defence. Given his connections with Congressman Dan Rohrabacher, who has been deeply involved in Afghan politics for years and the CIA's involvement in Afghanistan, it would be odd if the senior Mr. Mateen did not have a relationship with the CIA.  

The CIA has had a long and sordid involvement in Afghanistan and there have been many allegations that it is heavily involved in (or carries out entirely) the heroin trafficking that occurs from Afghanistan.  If you are unaware of the CIA's involvement in drug trafficking then I recommend that you listen to this Tom Woods interview with Sibel Edmonds.

Sibel Edmonds is an American citizen, now at Boiling Frog media, who worked as an analyst and translator for the FBI following 9/11. As she discussed in her interview, "significant, important factor[s] related to counterintelligence investigations by the FBI ... were stopped from being pursued via State Department and the CIA because the targets of those investigations actually had other working and operative relationships with individuals within the CIA and the State Department....[State Department and CIA] operation[s] included utilizing the opium grown in Afghanistan....You're looking at illegal narcotic operations being actually directed and operated by entities within the United States government." 

What does illegal narcotics trafficking in Afghanistan have to do with the Orlando shooting?

I am not suggesting that parties within the CIA plotted Omar Mateen's attack.  They may have stopped the FBI from further investigating him as they have done in other instances.  They may have thought they could use an attack to their benefit if it occurred.  They do not have to have planned it to have been complicit in it or to use it for their benefit in Afghanistan. 

The senior Mr. Saddique Mateen has long wanted to be the president of Afghanistan.  While he categorized his son's act as an act of terror. (This is like saying that killing someone with a knife is an act of stabbing. It's correct, but it doesn't add anything to the discussion.), Mr. Mateen Sr. had also previously condemned homosexuals to God's punishment.  

While Americans are horrified at this vicious crime, Saddique Mateen can use his son's death in America to raise his own standing (and perhaps his political prospects) in Afghanistan.  Most people in Afghanistan will not follow American news reports, nor know that Omar Mateen was himself gay.  They will simply hear that he killed 49 gay Americans.  There are ten countries in the world where homosexual acts can be punished by the death penalty.  Afghanistan is one of those countries. Omar Mateen's murder of Americans, especially homosexual Americans, will add to not detract from his father's standing in Afghanistan.

Why is the mainstream media not reporting on the connections between the Congressman Rohrabacher, the State Department and other branches of the US government and the Mateen family?  Why has the mainstream media failed to report on the many years long involvement of the CIA in heroin trafficking in Afghanistan? These are complex questions that I am not prepared to answer, but other media outlets are tackling them.  I think some of the better funded media companies with their foreign reporters should be looking into these relationships. 

Meanwhile, here on the home front,  Congress has seized upon this event as a reason for tighter gun control and more surveillance by the USG and increasing calls for war with Syria notwithstanding that Omar Mateen was an American citizen of Afghan descent (remember how the USG used the 9/11 attack by Saudis to justify an invasion of Iraq, when likely the mastermind of that was in Afghanistan--go figure. Since it worked once, why not use the same tactic again). The FBI apparently can't find "potential terrorists" when they are served up on a silver platter, but if all Americans are suspected of some wrongdoing, then everyone can be searched at anytime, our assets can be seized at any time and, in a drive to make all of us safer by making us all equally suspect, we are unprotected from those who would kill us and in greater danger than ever from our own government. 

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