Orlando Massacre: Is it a False Flag Event?

To begin, I do not know if the massacre in Orlando is a false flag event, an event created by agencies within the U.S. government (the "USG") in order to advance interests that we cannot know.  

When I was younger and still believed the American history I had been taught in school, I would have scoffed at the suggestion that the USG or agencies operating under its auspices would participate in the slaughter of American citizens.  Only the most crazy, conspiratists would consider these possibilities. My eyes were opened over a period of years as I learned about historical events which established that the USG had participated in the massacre of American citizens many, many times in the past; therefore, it is wholly capable of doing it in the present. 

Before returning to some of the historical events in chronological order, I will digress to describe my first realization that war could arise out of either a mistake or malice. Worse yet, once it was initiated, seemingly it could not be stopped. Sometime in the 1990s I read A Bright and Shining Lie, John Paul Vann an America in Vietnam by Neil Sheehan about the U.S. invasion of Vietnam.  I had grown up in that war. I knew people who were drafted.  Girls in my highschool wore bracelets with the names of POWs etched into them  I was like a lot of Americans, I neither understood why we were at war or understood how we got into it in the first place. 

You can read the details about the Gulf of Tonkin incident here at the U.S. Navy Institute; however, the short story that is now accepted as historically accurate is that the parties within the USG lied the American people into the war.  On August 1, 1964 a U.S. boat was fired on by the North Vietnamese while in the Gulf of Tonkin, in international waters.  Theoretically, this act of war was repeated on August 4-5, 1964.  It is now established as fact that this second attack never occurred and it was known at the time that the incident had not happened.  Yet, this event was used to justify the U.S.'s escalation of the Vietnam war, which resulted in more than 50,000 American casualities, likely more than a million Vietnamese casualities, the environmental devastation of a country and a war that would not end until 1975.  

When I read this book and realized that one of the most significant events in my entire life and in the life of the country had been based on a lie, my eyes were slightly opened, but not widely.  I still believed that the U.S. government would generally act honorably and that the causes it embraced were just and its methods necessary.  After reading a great deal more U.S. history, I know longer believe this to be true.

Early in the 20th Century, the USG and the British government conspired to bring the American people into what came to be WWI. America did not have an interest in this dispute, which was parochial in nature and would have been settled on terms not particularly advantageous to Britain, but also on terms not particularly significant nor of great import to the American people. The American people had no interest in this European war, but Woodrow Wilson, a president who knew nothing of limitations and wanted to make the world safe for democracy joined with Churchill (then the First Lord of Admiralty for Britain) to bring the U.S. into the war by sending a passenger ship, the Lusitania, full of of armaments through a war zone. This was known by the British war office at the time and that office not only allowed the ship to sail, but also failed to provide for its defense. 

The Germans had attempted to warn American citizens to avoid passage on this ship, which the Germans viewed as a warship (it was) by publishing a warning in American newspapers; however, the U.S. State Department threatened the papers with libel suits and only the Des Moines Register ended up publishing the warning. The Lusitania was sunk off the coast of Ireland with the loss of more than 1100 lives, including 128 Americans. This act of war triggered America's involvement on the side of Britain into what became WWI.

The imposition of harsh war damages on Germany following the end of WWI created debts the Germans could not pay. The attempt to pay its war debts led to inflation so devastating that the term hyperinflation is forever associated with the term Weimar Republic. That economic disaster led to the rise of Hitler and his Brown Shirts, WWII and all of the devastation that followed from that. 

I am unfamiliar with the events that led the U.S. to its police action in Korea, but thankfully, President Eisenhower had the good sense to end that foray quickly.

What would American history be without the Cuban Missile Crisis?  I was in my 50s before I learned that the USG precipitated that event by placing missiles in Turkey.  That conduct, together with the previous attempted invasion at the Bay of Pigs had made Cuba (and Russia, its ally) somewhat testy about the USG's intentions. 

Of course, it's not only events of war that the American people are lied to about. There is the assassination of John Kennedy, the investigative records of which are sealed until 2029. Apparently, the USG believes that the American people still can't handle the truth. Roger Stone, author of The Man Who Killed Kennedy, the Case against LBJ has stated that he believes that LBJ was involved in the assassination. He also thinks that George H. Bush, former President and CIA head, was involved, although his level of involvement is not fully known.  You can hear Stone's interview with Lew Rockwell here, wherein he discusses his latest book, Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family.

Previously, I would have discounted all of the foregoing paragraph as being conspiracy oriented and too far fetched to be remotely true. These days, I tend to allow that even far fetched theories likely have some basis in fact; they may more often reflect a truer picture than is presented by the media nestled into Washington D.C. and NY.

Following the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, America could have benefitted from a peace dividend.  The end of the Cold War could have resulted in a demilitarization of the West and a new era of world peace.  That is not what happened next.  

Instead, as Bill Moyers told us, the first invasion of Iraq was sold to the American people based on a pack of lies. There were no troops amassing at Saudi Arabia's border. There were no Kuwaiti infants torn from the incubators and bayoneted.  Lies. All lies. What followed as mass destruction and untold suffering and the deaths of hundreds of thousands, including hundreds of thousands of infants following the USG's embargo on Iraq. 

That was only the first invasion of Iraq.  The second invasion followed 9/11.  Again, the American people were lied into war against the wrong enemy. Of course, America had been attacked and retaliation was called for, perhaps even massive retaliation against those who had attacked us.  (There is built into the U.S. Constitution a method of retaliating against non-state actors who attack Americans known as Letters of Marque and Reprisal.) Instead of retaliating against the party that had attacked us, the USG, joined by the lap dog, court historians known as the Washington press core and ably supported by the NY Times lied us into war again- a war we are still not out of. 

So, do I believe a lone Islamic man decided to massacre a group of gay men in Orlando?  Maybe.  Will this be used to further attempt to criminalize gun ownership, to prove that Americans can't be trusted with guns, that only the USG and its agents can be trusted with weapons of mass destruction?  Yep.  That you can pretty much count on.  

I have to say one thing about "gun control," there's a truism that goes "if you outlaw gun ownership, only outlaws will have guns." It's circular, but it's true. But I think that is the point. American's already commit three felonies a day, but some of those are hard to prove.  A law restricting the right to keep and bear arms will be used to justify many more warrantless searches, many more home invasions, many more civil asset forfeitures, many more people in prison.  The USG won't actually have to lock us all up, but it's handy to have a reason to lock any of us up at any time.  Gun control is just one more reason.

That's likely as good a note to close on as any.  The assassin is dead. The tale will be used by the media to drive wedges between Americans, both straight and gay, both Islamic and Christian, both gun owners and non-gun owners and the only party whose hand will be strengthened as this whole scenario plays out is the USG.  Ain't that something.





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