Vladimir Putin Stole "Our' Election

Will this election never end? Just when the crying had finally stopped, now we have the pink pussy power hat brigade that plans to march on Washington--don't even ask why. No answer makes any sense whatsoever. My stars!
The cry has gone up. How can the bad thing, the wrong person being elected president, happen? This cannot be happening to us. We were cheated out of what was rightfully ours.  Apparently, Progressives,  since they are concentrated in dense urban areas where they know only others like themselves, had convinced themselves that the election was in the pocket of HRC.  It appears that it never occurred to them that they could be wrong, or out of touch with the American zeitgeist.
Apparently, the Occam's razor explanation of "I was wrong" still doesn't occur to them. Instead,  Vladimir Putin is to blame for this. They trot out the venerable Old Gray Lady to validate their world view, little recognizing how worn and tattered her reputation has become. They do not recall that the American people (and the world) have been lied to repeatedly by US intelligence agencies. These facts are meaningless in their world. There is no yesterday. There is only today and this event.
They have suffered a defeat on the path of progress. Prior to the election, they could imagine that Progress was being made on the path to their imagined, idealized existence (which, just for the record, is never defined). Remember this point. This is very critical. It's why you should never give an inch on anything. Never cede a word. Never say cisgender or developmentally delayed instead of retarded ("less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one's age"). You cannot find a hairbreadth's worth of distinction between developmentally delayed and retarded. Yet one is acceptable (at least I think so) and one leaves people dropped jawed (I know so).
You should never give an inch because there is no end to this path. There is no idealized future state. There's no end point.  You gain nothing by ceding any point. Instead, you are agreeing to play their game with their rules. Know this: there is only "progress" but no destination. Words are added, removed and redefined constantly to indicate where one is on the path to nowhere. The point of adding and subtracting words is to be able to identify where anyone is on the path to nowhere. There's no ultimate destination. It's status seeking through the use of a specialized vocabulary. Doctors do it. Lawyers do it. But, Progressives have perfected this technique. They have no special training or skill at all. They only have their chutzpah to insist that their way of approaching the world is the best of all possible ways.  That's it. Not one thing more.  
As a libertarian, I have to ask, where are the licensing authorities when they are most needed. I think one should have to pay a fee to advance on the Progressive highway. The hilarious part of this is that many (maybe most) of them would actually do this. I think libertarians should set up a Progressive passage program as a fundraising technique. We can give them certificates and grades and special titles to show that they are well on their way down the Progressive highway.  Oh, wait. There already do that for themselves. Those are called universities. 
What to do now when they trot out their NYTimes and their CIA and 16 intelligence agency "facts," when they march on Washington wearing the silliest looking headgear to appear in the last twenty years, when they want you to use their words their way? What should we do? We should ignore them and use our time productively, but let's not cede an inch of our knowledge of facts, our moral authority or our language.

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