While You Were Sleeping...

I finished all the Chapters of Hoppe's Democracy The God That Failed and I have been in a bit of a lull. I do (thankfully) have other things going on, but I haven't come up with anything that I wanted to write about here.

The U.S. is in the midst of an election cycle, which means there is a 24 hour a day news drama cycle about really nothing at all. I was at the gym yesterday and CNN was playing an endless loop of what a world catastrophe it would be to have Donald Trump as president. Then, this morning, NBC comes out with a video of people attacking and beating Trump supporters.  There seem to be quite a variety of people beating Trump supporters. Earlier I saw a video of people who were mostly Mexican and used really vile language, but the NBC crowd were mostly young, white, very clean cut people engaging in street violence.  

Meanwhile, during the foregoing distraction, the real threat to world peace --the continuing threats to Russia by the U.S. are largely unreported in the major media outlets. We have had an incredible build-up of nuclear weapons during the Obama administration. Unfortunately, these were the most dangerous variety--the smaller, tactical variety that the madmen who rule the U.S. can envision using.  Apparently, that Nobel Prize provided a lot of cover for war making.

The view that I would consider informed on this matter says the people of the U.S. will be annihilated if the U.S. government (the U.S.G.) initiates a war with Russia.  (By the way, it is intentional on my part to name the actors for who they are, hence U.S.G. This is the U.S.G. It's not the American people.  It's not America.  It is madmen ruling over us carrying out acts of mass destruction).  Yet, the media is largely silent on the U.S.G.'s baiting of the Russian bear.  I was well into my 50s when I learned that the Cuban Missile Crisis was precipitated by the U.S.G. putting missiles in eastern Europe and that the Lusitania was full of munitions (these armaments were found by divers who reached the sunken ship in 2014.  

Today the saber rattling by the U.S.G. increases daily and we seem to not even hear it.


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