Women, Libertarianism and Food

“Better than any argument is to rise at dawn and pick dew-wet red berries in a cup.” ~ Wendell Berry

Byran Capland  wrote that “selling Libertarianism to people with Feeling personalities [which are more often women] is inherently difficult.”  That is the challenge I intend to take on in this blog.

Many women I know care a great deal about the food they feed their family.  They take pride in their trips to the local market, finding fresh eggs,  locally sourcing meats and serving healthy food.  Sadly, many of them do not bother to inform themselves of the actions their own state and county take to destroy the livelihood of their local farmers.

Recently local Michigan farmer Mark Baker announced he was quitting farming altogether since “My wife didn’t marry me so she could go to bed at night to be awakened by (fears of) armed men” in the driveway.

The actions by Michigan state officials is not uncommon.   State and local officials are arresting dairy farmers for selling raw milk, prohibiting the sale of local cheeses, raiding family farms in the wee hours and actively destroying local food sources.

The officials act in the name of food safety.  All of the regulatory measures, no matter how destructive, no matter how expensive, no matter how remote the risk are always due to the State’s concerns for our safety.

The State  has made its choice between “dew-wet red berries” and armed men in the night. Libertarians support your right to the berries.

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