Aug 14

The Doctor is Not In (Part One)-Uninsured In America


I am going to tell what happened to one person who got sick in America

  • when she was uninsured;
  • after she was insured through an exchange set up under the ACA;
  • after she bought market rate insurance; and finally,
  • what happened when she bought medical care directly.

It will take a series of posts. This is the first of what...

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Aug 12

Is It Time to Phase Out Corporate Limited Liability?

    From time to time people ask me how environmental depredations would be contained in a libertarian world order. They are concerned that libertarians would be unable to address the devastation wrought by companies engaging in, by way of example, mountaintop removal.   Mountain Top Removal   The obvious answer is that the EPA and federal and...

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Aug 11

Will You Sacrifice Your Children?

Many years ago when my son was about three I was chatting about plans for his schooling.  I planned to send my son to public school. The man I was speaking with said, "You sound so positive. You must have had a good school experience."

Those simple words rocked my world. I hadn't had a good school experience. I had loathed school...

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Aug 8

Imagining our Place in the World and Taking Right Action

For humans to have a responsible relationship to the world, they must imagine their places in it. Wendell Berry

Lately, I have been giving a lot of thought to this topic of what is my responsible relationship to the world?  I am semi-retired now. I find that I do not have the energy or enthusiasm for the work that engaged me for...

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Jul 31

On Civic Duty and Why I Won't Be Voting in the Presidential Election

I have voted. I voted for Obama in 2008. I hoped for hope and change and I believed just enough that it might happen that I voted. Obama was better than McCain, who I think would have gotten us into a nuclear war. That was my last hopeful vote.  I voted for Ron Paul in 2012, although I had no expectation he would win.  If a Ron...

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