Jul 27

Civil Rights-Do We Need an New Paradigm?

From time to time (all too often in this writer's opinion) the President makes a fatuous call for a national conversation on race. Everyone, most of all the President, knows that it's fatuous because anyone who doesn't accept the Civil Rights vision (which I will explain more fully below) would not dare utter a single career/life...

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Jul 22

Coercive Engineered Migration

Recently an acquaintance of mine posted this youtube video from political author, Gearoid O. Colmain. In the video, Colmain is referring to the conditions in Paris following a series of coordinated terrorist acts which happened on November 13, 2015. On that date, gunmen and suicide bombers hit a concert hall, a major stadium,...

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Jul 2

Requiem for the American Dream-Chomsky Sees the Problem Yet Gets the Solution Wrong

Recently, I watched "Requiem for the American Dream"-twice.  It just became available on Netflix so it will likely be getting a fresh round of viewers.  After a friend suggested it, I wanted to be sure I gave it a fair shot and really listened to Noam Chomsky. After watching it twice, I read the Huffington Post review of the film....

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Jun 23

Are Americans Even Curious About the Orlando Shooter?

It doesn't seem that Americans are very interested in getting to know more about the killer in Orlando.  That would be OK, but apparently the FBI is not very curious either.  

On June 12, 2016 Omar Mateen, 29 years old shot and killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.  This occurred only 12 days ago and it seems that...

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Jun 17

What Libertarians Say About Immigration?

After the recent massacre in Orlando, there are a couple of threads of conversation that have emerged. One is, of course, gun control and the need for the federal government to achieve greater firepower monopoly.  The second topic is immigration, which primarily consists of Donald Trump calling for ending the immigration of Muslims...

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