Jun 15

Agents of the State Attack American People

A friend told me that my prior post about the USG lying the American people into war was not relevant to events of domestic terrorism. He felt that while the USG might lie the American people into war, they wouldn't lie about domestic terrorism.   I thought that was an odd kind of parsing of events.  Still, there are so many...

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Jun 12

Orlando Massacre: Is it a False Flag Event?

To begin, I do not know if the massacre in Orlando is a false flag event, an event created by agencies within the U.S. government (the "USG") in order to advance interests that we cannot know.  

When I was younger and still believed the American history I had been taught in school, I would have scoffed at the suggestion that the...

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Jun 5

Lyft and Uber Car Service and Atlanta Airport Parking Fees

Atlanta is in the midst of one of it's scandals and the details of how the City and Airport are engaged in making everyone's life more difficult and expensive is a lot more interesting than the rinse and repeat saga public officials being implicated that is reported in the lamestream media.

There will be an investigation, likely...

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Jun 3

While You Were Sleeping...

I finished all the Chapters of Hoppe's Democracy The God That Failed and I have been in a bit of a lull. I do (thankfully) have other things going on, but I haven't come up with anything that I wanted to write about here.

The U.S. is in the midst of an election cycle, which means there is a 24 hour a day news drama cycle about...

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May 16

Chapter 12 On Government and the Private Production of Defense

Hoppe begins by attacking the "myth of collective security," which is the idea that the state can and will protect the rights of a group of private property owners. The need for collective security begins with the world view of Thomas Hobbes where "in the state of nature, men would constantly be at each others' throats." The state...

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