Apr 25

Chapter 7 On Free Immigration and Forced Integration

Hoppe begins Chapter 7 with the classical argument in favor of free immigration-an argument he thinks is irrefutable: "Other things being equal, businesses go to low-wage areas and labor moves to high-wage areas, thus affecting a tendency toward the equalization of wage rates (for the same kind of labor) as well as the optimal...

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Apr 22

Chapter 6 On Socialism and Desocialization

On the meaning of social welfare:  "[I]f this small movement increases the welfare of certain individuals and decreases that of others, we can no longer state positively that it is advantageous to the entire collectivity to carry out this movement." Vilfredo Pareto in Manual of Political Economy

Hoppe begins by noting that there...

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Apr 17

Chapter 5 On Centralization and Secession

"A state is a territorial monopolist of compulsion--an agency which may engage in continual, institutionalized property rights violations and the exploitation--in the form of expropriation, taxation, and regulation--of private property owners," begins Hoppe in Chapter 5.

There are two significant implications of the foregoing...

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Apr 14

Been Away So Long

I had an unexpected break that involved dealing with my health, working, going on a spiritual retreat, moving to a new residence, taking a course on building an e-business, etc.  In short, I have had a lot going on which didn't involve keeping up here, but I am now back and ready to re-commit to spreading the important work done by...

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Mar 18

Just Say No to Involuntary Servitude

 Today the Apple engineers suggest that might not perform the work to de-encrypt the Iphone. What can the FBI or the State do about that?  I think, nothing at all.  That is the problem with what is known at law as "specific performance."  It's very hard to get courts to order people to do a thing.  Courts will order money damages,...

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